HPLT started selling medical High Power Lasers to health professionals in 2010. With great success. At the moment we are market leader of High Power Lasers in the Netherlands.

For the health professional

As a health professional, we offer you the perfect solution to help your customers faster and more effectively by making use of High Power Laser Therapy.

High Power Laser Therapy is the perfect addition to the service portfolio of health professionals. Whether you are a physiotherapist, dentist, dental hygienist, veterinarian, animal physiotherapist or beautician. You will find your patients happy with the painless and non-invasive treatment, let alone the fantastic results it delivers.

Our lasers are high powered and have more efficient and effective results when compared to lower wattage and/or size of treatment heads from other laser solutions.

The HPLT diode lasers have a wavelength of 810 nanometers. This is scientifically proven to be the golden standard for photobiomodulation.

The pure light from the High Power Lasers causes photochemical reactions in the cells as opposed to thermal reaction.

All our High Power Lasers are designed with an aluminium casing providing your clients with 100% safeguard from radiation.

A calibration report is supplied with every laser. Here you can see exactly whether the laser also delivers what we say the laser should do. 

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What does this mean for the patient?

High Power Laser Therapy boosts cell energy (photobiomodulation), optimizing ATP production of a cell and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the tissue. This, in turn, increases metabolism in the cells of the tissue and provides the optimal environment for tissue to heal. In many cases, the patient’s treatment duration is shorter and the treatment is also painless.

From professionals, for professionals

HPLT has gained a lot of experience in recent years and received feedback from the market of physiotherapists, dentists, dental hygienists, veterinarians, animal physiotherapists and beauticians with regard to improvements of our laser equipment, but also with regard to adjusting our software to the treatment method and correct settings. We soon came to the conclusion that purchasing a ready-made High Power laser and placing it on the market in the Netherlands was not sufficient to meet the needs of the healthcare professional.

The development of a High Power Laser

At HPLT we are closely involved in the development of our lasers and the required software. In this way we can deliver a reliable, user-friendly and, not unimportantly, very affordable High Power laser for the healthcare professional.

Made in Italy

HPLT lasers are produced in Italy. The reason we choose Italy and not lasers from the Far East is that lasers from Italy are known for their quality and innovation. In addition, we can also switch quickly when it comes to service and repair.

Price and quality

The High Power Laser from HPLT is the best professional laser available on the market at a very competitive price. This makes it possible that a Return On Investment within 6 months is no exception. We are happy to think along with you to realize this.

A tailor-made product

Are you looking for a laser? Or are you curious how you can help your patients painlessly, faster and more effectively?

High Power Laser Therapy can be a perfect addition to your portfolio. Hospitals and health-related facilities around the world have been using laser treatments for some time now and are achieving amazing results. Pain complaints, injuries, infections and wounds can be treated faster and more efficiently.

HPLT has a suitable High Power laser for every healthcare professional. We are happy to visit you for a demonstration, without any obligation, to ensure that you receive a custom laser. If desired, it is also possible to treat you or a patient of yours at your location or with us at the HPLT Academy in Veenendaal. We take ample time to explain all facets of our High Power laser and of course the Laser Therapy in general.

Buying a Laser and then?

Buying a High Power laser is one thing, but only then does it start.

Questions will arise about the laser, a laser therapy treatment or explanation is needed for other users.

With HPLT it does not stop after the delivery of the laser. We are available 6 days a week for all your questions.

What does this mean to you?

-Help your patients faster, more effectively and painlessly

-A professional, competitively priced laser with a high Return On Investment

-6 Days a week available for questions about the laser and laser therapy