Technical Product Information

Laser light provides a series of energy giving light beams. Laser light falls into 4 classes:

Class 1: <0,5 uW – This type of laser you can find in consumer products like CD-players and laser printers.
Class 2: < 1,0 watt – These lasers are generally used in laser pointers
Class 3: < 0,5 watt – Stronger lasers generally used for surface tissue treatment
Class 4: > 0,5 watt – Lasers that fall into this category are strong and used for medical treatments. They can penetrate to deeper levels of tissue in a short treatment time.

The wave length of our diodelaser is 810 nanometer, which is scientifically proven to be the golden standard for photobiostimulation to occur. What does this mean for the patient? High level laser treatment stimulates a boost in the cells energy (photostimulation) increasing blood flow and oxygen to the tissue. In turn this increases the metabolism in the tissue’s cells and provides the optimal environment for tissue to heal. Importantly the 810 nanometer absorption level through the hemoglobin performs at the highest rate whilst the 810 nanometer goes far deeper into the tissue than any other lasers that operate at the same watt level.

HPLT Risks

Very few powerful, result proven treatments come without risks, this includes the laser. However we are pleased to say that the risk falls within health and safety around use. The laser rays are very powerful and harmful to the eye, specifically the retina. So in all cases the specialist and patient should be protected by protective laser eye wear during laser use

Important facts about laser use

Every laser that has more power than 0,5 Watt is classed as a High Power Laser. The more power the laser has per cm2, the deeper the laser penetrates the tissue. Important to remember for treatment purposes, is that the wattage clearly labelled on the laser is the power provided by the laser itself. The moment that a different size treatment head is used results in a different level of wattage output and depth of treatment. For ultimate results you should calculate the cm2 of the treatment head and ensure that it does not come to more than 0.5 Watt or for optimal operation less than 0.5 Watt per cm2.

The standard treatment head van HPLT is 1cm2, providing 3 Watt of power to our entry level laser product and the 7 Watt to the more advanced LEO laser, which results in a fast, deep and effective treatment of at least 7 cm deep. These powerful results would not be possible with a larger treatment head resulting in a negative impact on both time and costs of the treatment offered. Our experience shows that a treatment plan focuses on initial pain, trigger and possibly acupuncture points, which are most effectively treated by a 1cm2 treatment head. However if you should have interest for a larger treatment head this can be ordered as an optional extra.