Photizo Vetcare for light therapy, stimulates healing, reduces animal pain


The Photizo Vetcare is a compact, rechargeable device for red light therapy. The proven healing effect of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies activate the mitochondria in the cells of the body and produce a substance called ATP.

ATP has a number of positive qualities. The two most important are that it turns on the cell pump and that it sends a signal to the cell so that it knows what to do. This process is called photobiomodulation.

The Photizo Vetcare is very suitable for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. It stimulates healing, relieves pain, soothes muscle spasms, increases circulation and removes waste.

The Photizo Vetcare is easy to use. With one push of a button, the device gives a pre-programmed effective dose of therapeutic light.

The Photizo Vetcare is very suitable for the treatment of:

  • Wounds and scars
  • Hotspots
  • Tendons, ligaments and injuries
  • Back and neck complaints
  • Reducing the inflammatory response


Press, if possible, the LED head of the Photizo Vetcare gently onto the area to be treated (moisture and blood absorb the light).

  1. Start of treatment: once a day for 7 consecutive days.
    To treat a larger area, move the LED head and repeat the treatment.
  2. Use Photizo Vetcare after 7 days: repeat 2 to 3 times a week as needed. To treat a larger area, move the LED head and repeat the treatment.

For the exact treatment time, see the manual.

The Photizo Vetcare is supportive and does not replace medication. The device is suitable for both large and small animals.

The Photizo is a practitioner supporting device for red light therapy for home use and cannot be compared with a High Power Laser. For the use of light therapy contact your laser practitioner.

Before using the Photizo Vetcare, you must first read the manual.

Photizo Pain Relief


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Power: 1300 mW

Wavelengths: 633 nanometers and 850 nanometers infrared light

Laser class: Low Level

Head diameter: 4.7 cm

Operation: push button

Power supply: rechargeable battery (NiMh)

Material: Plastic with rubber housing

Charging time: 3 hours

Dimensions: 21 cm x 6.5 cm x 6 cm (lxwxh)

Weight: 290 grams

Standard supplied with the PV601: 

  • 230V charger
  • Storage bag

The Photizo Vetcare is the ideal supporting device for red light therapy and safe to use.

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