Laser therapy handpiece set, 3-piece


3-piece handpiece set 1 cm / 3 cm / 5 cm massage handpiece

1 cm handpiece: suitable for small surfaces, such as fingers, toes, facial parts and is also often used for acupuncture and instead of dry needling.

3 cm handpiece: suitable for larger surfaces, such as: back, legs, arms, neck, shoulder, etc.

5 cm massage handpiece: suitable for laser therapy massages for a wide variety of treatments. The handpiece is fitted with a convex glass. Due to the pressure of the convex glass, the moisture in the tissue is pushed away and the area to be treated can be treated more efficiently.


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Handpiece lens diameters: 1cm / 3cm / 5cm massage handpiece

Material Laser handpiece: Aluminum

Fiber length: 3 meters

Adjustable: No

Suitable for Wavelengths: 650-810-905 nanometers

Weight laser handpiece and fiber: 400 gr

Packing unit: 1

Suitable for HPLT Laser series: HPL3, HPL7, HPL15

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