HPL Picolaser, for the removal of tattoos/pigment spots


HPL Pico-1 presents a new era in deep tattoo pigment removal and offers optimal results in removing colored tattoos and pigmentation spots in just a few treatments (calculated using the Kirby Descy Scale).





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Only applicable to the countries: Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.







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HPL Pico-1 presents a new era in deep tattoo pigment removal, offering optimal results in the removal of colored tattoos and pigmentation spots in just a few treatments (calculated from the Kirby Descy Scale).

The operation of HPL Pico-1 is based on the delivery of ultra short picosecond energy pulses in the skin tissue.

The light absorbed by the pigment is converted into a photoacoustic wave that squeezes the pigment apart into micro-sized pieces, allowing the body’s immune system to dispose of them easily.

  1. HPL Pico-1 offers unparalleled performance without pain or interruption to jour social life or work and the treatment does not require an anesthetic cream.
  2. There are no contraindications to exposure to sunlight, so treatment can take place all year round.
  3. From the first treatment, you will see an even change of tone. After the 2nd and 3rd treatment, dark spots become lighter. In the end, your skin will look younger and more beautiful.
  4. HPL Pico-1 can treat pigments of all skin types, even the most delicate, such as Asian or mixed skin types.


1. The HPL Pico-1 is a high peak laser that produces thermal energy. The thermal energy shatters the tattoo pigment into pieces within 750 picoseconds (10-12 seconds), allowing the body to clean up the small shattered pieces.
2. The focus treatment activates your natural skin renewal process for healthy, younger looking skin. 3. It stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.
4. There is no melanin precipitation due to the super short pulse duration.
5. It is very effective for pigmentation spots, such as pregnancy mask.
6. Less than 8% energy loss, controlled by the high precision arm and intelligent fiber with 2-10 mm adjustable spot size.
7. Easy maintenance, all components can be touched again within 20 seconds.

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