Laser accessories

Adjustable laser hand piece 1 to 7 cm2 for laser...
Laser hand piece adjustable in 5 positions: 1 – 1.5 – 2 – 2.5 – 3 Suitable for lasering large and small surfaces up to a treatment surface of 7 cm2. HPLT High Power Laser therapy for humans and animals.
Massage hand piece suitable for Laser Therapy
Massage Laser hand piece with a convex glass designed for laser therapy and also for massaging the area to be treated. Due to the pressure of the convex glass, the moisture in the tissue is pushed away and the area to be treated can be treated more efficiently. To make smooth...
Laser therapy hand piece 1 cm2 with a 3 meters...
High Power Laser hand piece 1 cm2 supplied with an extra long fiber of 3 meters.
Laser therapy adjustable hand piece Manipolo zoom
Adjustable laser therapy hand piece, Manipolo zoom, especially developed for cosmetic purposes.
High Power Laser cutting fiber 400 micrometers
High Power Laser cutting hand piece 400 µm for cleaning up inflamed tissue, safe sterilization of the deep pocket and root canal treatments.
High Power Laser Bluetooth foot pedal for Laser Therapy
High Power Laser Bluetooth foot pedal
High Power Laser Fiber 3 meters | HPLT Laser Therapy
High Power Laser fiber 3 meters for laser therapy. De fiber is solidly made with a metal inner jacket.
High Power Laser safety glasses with safety standard (ODS6)
Laser safety glasses especially for High Power Laser Therapy, including storage case, according to the highest safety standard (ODS6).
High Power Laser Trolley
High Power Laser Trolley