HPLT in Physiotherapy

Through a combination of factors, to include a fast pace of life for young and old, as well as an ageing population who want to continue to work as long as possible, the physiotherapist is under increasing pressure to resolve pain points and injury within a few powerful short treatments.  High Power Laser Therapy has proven to be the preferred tool to enable you to provide a treatment plan that delivers results in a short time-scale, (see research).
In the past High Level Lasers were only used in surgery, however technical advancement and the creation of a special biostimulation hand piece, reduces the need to make an incision or operate.

The pure light from the High Level Lasers causes photochemical reactions in the cells as opposed to thermal reaction,
(see evidence).



HPLT can be applied but not limited to:

Infection within tendons
Strain and sprained ligaments/muscles
Tenis/Golfers elbow
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
Tendon sheath inflammation of the thumbe (Quervains disease)
Lower back pain
Bulging disc (Hernia)
Joint inflammation (Osteoarthritis)
IT band injury (Tractus iliotibial syndrome)
Meniscus complaints
Heel/foot pain (Plantaris Fascitis)

Pain Relief

High Level Laser Therapy is revolutionary and provides direct pain relief. In 95% of the cases the patient is completely pain free within a few minutes of receiving treatment and where necessary a follow-up treatment can take place immediately. Acute situations where the client is experiencing severe pain can also be easily relieved with this non-invasive form of therapy.

The High Level Laser Therapy (HPLT) has the most effect in areas of the body where the cells are under stress, either through an accident or natural wear and tear. This stress causes pain and irritation to joints, tendons and muscles, having a major impact on the clients quality of movement and life. Various complaints or disorders benefit from treatment with laser light, experiencing miraculous and often quick recovery when applied.

Example from patient treatment – Muscle Dystrophy

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