HPLT Photo/Video laser treatments

Leg wound horse

Serious injuries to the leg are common. Consider for example wire, stairs or bite wounds. Because the animal keeps moving, sutures often break.
Treatment with the High Power Laser ensures super-fast healing without annoying scar tissue. An animal physiotherapist or veterinarian can also treat this well.
The result shows the leg after 2 weeks and 4 treatments of 1 minute.
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Leg wound on entry

Beenwond paard 2

Leg wound after 2 weeks of treatment with the High Power Laser

Post-operative healing after sarcoid removal

Surgical intervention is often accompanied by a lot of blood loss and recovery with a scar.

Because the laser light with which you cut immediately closes the blood vessels, there is hardly any blood loss, so that the operation site remains clearly visible. Because the cutting light has the same photobiostimulation properties as with a therapeutic treatment, these procedures heal very nicely and quickly. An animal physiotherapist or veterinarian can also treat this well post-operatively.

IMG_3203 2
IMG_3203 3

Tendon injury horse

A tendon injury in a horse is a very common injury. The recovery time is always a few months. However, the tendon fills with connective tissue, which can easily cause an injury again. 

With the help of the laser you get healthy tendon tissue back and most of the horses are even able to do top sport again! 

Treatment: 10 minutes 2-3 times a week. Small lesion control ultrasound after 6 weeks, large lesion control ultrasound after 10 weeks.

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Hernia in a dog

A hernia in a dog is often difficult to resolve without surgery.
The High Power Laser can help reduce swelling, often eliminating the need for surgery.
Treatment time: first 2 weeks 2 times a week. Then, under the guidance of the complaints, draw up an interval treatment plan.

A hotspot treatment on a New Foundlander

A hotspot is very common with dogs. If there is no other reason than licking, most of the time one treatment is enough, because the itch stops directly and the vicious circle is broken.
Treatment time: 1 time and repeat if necessary.
Dierenarts3 2

A periodontic treatment for a dog

The dog needs less or no antibiotics, because the laser sterilizes the pockets immediately. The photobiomodulation light also gives new gum growth.

Dierenarts1 2

Sterilization of a cat

Because the laser runs through the fallopian tube and immediately closes the blood vessels, the chance of a leaking ligature is greatly reduced.

Dierenarts2 2

Treatment of a paw wound in a Yorkshire terrier

  • First abscess, broken open, bone and nerves were exposed.
  • 3x treated.
  • Owner does not want surgery and is willing to treat twice, otherwise euthanasia.
  • After 2x laser treatment, the owner decides to continue.

Practitioner: Veterinarian Evelien ten Asbroek

Wound day 1

Wound day 4

Wound day 8

Wound day 12

Wound day 19

Wound day 40

Treatment of an anal glandular fistula in a cat

  • Cleaned and rinsed.
  • Subcutaneously probe to other side.
  • 3x treated.
  • Last photo 14 days after the start of laser treatment.

Practitioner: Veterinarian Evelien ten Asbroek

Beenwond dag 1a

At arrival

Beenwond dag 7a

3 Days after start

Beenwond dag 14a

14 Days after start

Treatment of a chest wound on a horse

Yearling impaled on fence 

  • 8x Laser Therapy in 6 weeks.
  • 5 Watt Continuous Wave, for 5 minutes.

Practitioner: DAP de Vijfsprong

Borstwond paard 2

Chest wound on entry

Borstwond paard 3

Chest wound after 3 weeks

Borstwond paard 4

Chest wound after 6 weeks

Remove a cyst in a horse's nose

Equine doctor removes a cyst with an HPLT laser.

Practitioner: Equine doctor Marco Landman

At arrival

The laser surgery treatment

The removed cyst

Treatment of a leg wound in a foal

  • Foal jumped on sheet pile when placed inside.
  • Open, try to suture under general anesthesia.
  • About 1/3 held by stitches.
  • Burst open further.
  • On day 47, 6 laser treatments were performed.

Practitioner: Equine doctor Matthijs van Waart

Leg wound on entry

Leg wound day 1

Leg wound day 6

Leg wound day 21

Leg wound day 36

Leg wound day 47

Treatment on a male Boxer

  • Mastocytoma (too) well removed for location.
  • Wound infection is only getting bigger.
  • Final result after 4 laser treatments in 4 weeks.

Practitioner: Veterinarian Evelien ten Asbroek

wond poot hond 1a 2
wond poot hond 1a 3
wond poot hond 1a 4
wond poot hond 1a 5
wond poot hond 1a 6
wond poot hond 1a 7

Removal of a tumor on the head of a cat


Veterinarian Jacqueline Rijnders 

Removal of granuloma from a cat's mouth

Practitioner: Veterinarian Jacqueline Rijnders 


An ear treatment for a horse

Removal of a sarcoid from a horse’s ear.

Practitioner: Equine doctor Marco Landman

A laser treatment of a dog's mouth

Treatment of inflammations in the dog’s teeth with 810 nm diode laser at 2.5 Watt.

HPLT wireless ultrasound scanner for veterinarians & animal physiotherapists

This wireless ultrasound scanner is ideal for animal physiotherapists and veterinarians for scanning the area to be treated to a depth of 100 mm.

Ideal in combination with the High Power Laser. Easy to operate via an app. Ultrasound images and movies easy to save.

Suitable for HPL3, HPL7 and HPL15 laser models, but can also be used on Android phone or tablet, Apple iPhone or iPad or Windows PC.

The connection is via the WiFi of the device.