Medical lasers

HPL Series

Over the centuries, sunlight (as the first form of phototherapy) has been shown to have both healing and wellness properties.

The therapeutic potential of light was first discovered by the US aerospace program NASA that looked at the impact of laser therapy and its potential healing opportunities.

A laser treatment works using a series of diodes that send light energy directly to the deeper layers under the skin.


Hospitals and health-related facilities around the world have been using laser treatments for quite some time now. A big advantage of this is that it is a painless treatment.

In the past, High Power Lasers were only used in surgery, however technical advancement and the creation of a special photobiomodulation hand piece, reduces the need to make an incision or operate.

Recent studies show that laser treatments or combination treatments to humans and animals provide amazing results and it has been proven that pain, infections or wounds disappear or heal in a quicker and more efficient way compared to more traditional approaches using medication.

High Power Laser Therapy has proven to be the tool to enable you to provide a treatment plan that delivers better and faster results. The perfect solution to help your patients in a faster and more effective way. Our powerful High Power Laser penetrates deep into all tissues and therefore its applications are very extensive. The wave length of our diode laser is 810 nanometers, which is scientifically proven to be the golden standard for photobiomodulation to occur.

The 810 nanometers penetrates much deeper into the tissue than other lasers operating at the same power in Watts. This is because 810 nanometers have the best absorption in the hemoglobin. Lasers with a higher wavelength have a high absorption in water. Therefore they hardly work for photobiomodulation, but only give a temporary analgesic effect.

What does this mean for the patient? High Power Laser Therapy stimulates a boost in the cells energy (photobiomodulation), optimizing ATP production and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the tissue.

In turn this increases the metabolism in the tissue’s cells and provides the optimal environment for tissue to heal.

High Power Laser Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of:

  • Damaged or inflamed tendons and joints
  • Bursitis, Arthrosis
  • Cartilage damage, sprains and strains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI
  • Lower back pain, hernia, neck complaints and Whiplash
  • Headache, Migraine and jaw complaints
  • Tennis arm, Golfers elbow
  • Heel spur and Runners knee, wound and scar treatment
  • Varicose veins
  • Skin problems, including: Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, birthmarks, spider web, pigmentation spots, Herpes Simplex and mouth ulcers


Treatment examples:

Treating Muscular Dystrophy with a High Power Laser

Walking with Muscular Dystrophy after 1 treatment with a High Power Laser

Pain relief

High Power Laser Therapy is revolutionary and provides direct pain relief. In 95% of the cases the patient is completely pain free within a few minutes of receiving treatment and where necessary a follow-up treatment can take place immediately. Acute situations where the patient is experiencing severe pain can also be easily relieved with this non-invasive form of therapy.

High Power Laser Therapy has the most effect in areas of the body where the cells are under stress, either through an accident or natural wear. This stress causes pain and irritation to joints, tendons and muscles, having a major impact on the patients quality of movement and life.

Various complaints or disorders benefit from treatment with laser light, experiencing miraculous and often quick recovery when applied.

Important facts about laser use

Every laser that has more power than 0,5 Watt is classed as a High Power Laser (Class IV). Class IV lasers are strong and used for medical purposes. They can penetrate deep into the tissue, while the treatment time is short. The more power the laser has per cm2, the deeper the laser penetrates the tissue. For treatment purposes, it is important to remember that the wattage, clearly labelled on the laser, is the power provided by the laser itself.

The moment that a different size treatment head is used, results in a different level of wattage output and depth of treatment.

An example:

A 3 Watt laser with a standard supplied 1 cm2 laser handpiece delivers 3.0 Watt on the treatment surface with a noticeable laser treatment effect up to 7 cm.

A 3 Watt laser with an optional 3 cm2 laser handpiece delivers 2.05 Watt on the treatment surface, however the treatment depth is less. If you still want to achieve an optimal depth, you need a laser with a higher wattage.

HPLT risks

Very few powerful, result proven treatments come with small risks, this includes the laser. This risk mainly focuses on the safety around use.

The laser rays are very powerful and harmful to the eye, specifically the retina.

High Power Laser Therapy may only be used by specialists, both specialist and patient should be protected by protective laser eye wear during laser use.