How does High Power Laser Therapy work?

A treatment with our laser works with the aid of a gasdriven laser module, which sends the energy directly to the cells in the deeper layers under the skin with a scientifically proven light color of 810 nm

Light enters the cell’s mitochondria and is absorbed by the chromophores, including the protein cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), which then increases the cell’s activity.

As a result of this increased activity, three molecules are affected: adenosine triphosphate (ATP), reactive oxygen species (ROS) and nitric oxide (NO), which together ensure a faster and more effective recovery from pain, inflammation or infections.

This scientifically proven process is also called: Photobiomodulation.

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How does a High Power Laser work?

A High Power Laser works by means of laser light. At first glance this may seem like a ray of red light, but nothing could be further from the truth. The action of laser light at the correct wavelength with a matching laser handpiece produces amazing results, each wavelength has different properties. The HPLT diode laser uses a wavelength of 810 nanometers.Scientifically, this is ‘the gold standard’ for photobiostimulation. The pure light from the High Power Laser causes photochemical reactions in the cells instead of thermal ones. The reason for this is that this wavelength is the only one that is positively evidence-based for PBM.

All our High Power Lasers have a solid aluminum housing, which ensures that no electromagnetic radiation is released when using the laser, which is important for the patient.

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What does this mean for the patient?

High level laser treatment provides a boost in cell energy (photobiomodulation), which optimizes the ATP production of a cell and increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissue. This, in turn, increases metabolism in the cells of the tissue and provides the optimal environment for tissue to heal. In many cases the patient’s treatment time is shorter and the treatment is also painless.

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Any laser that has more power than 0.5 Watt is classified as a High Power Laser (Class IV). Class IV lasers are strong and used for medical purposes. They can penetrate deep into the tissue, while the treatment time is short. The more power the laser has per cm2, the deeper the laser enters the tissue. For treatment purposes, it is important to remember that the wattage, which is clearly marked on the laser, is the power output supplied by the laser. A different laser handpiece (treatment head) will result in a different wattage level and a different treatment depth.

An example:

A 3 Watt laser with a standard 1 cm2 laser handpiece supplied delivers 3.0 Watts on the treatment area with a noticeable laser treatment effect up to 7 cm.

A 3 Watt laser with an optional 3 cm2 laser handpiece delivers 2.0 Watts on the treatment surface, but the noticeable treatment depth is less deep. If you still want to keep the same treatment depth, then you need a laser with a higher wattage.

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Research on High Power Lasers 810 nm & Laser Therapy

LED light therapy was developed by NASA in the 1980s with the goal of improving wound healing and promoting tissue growth in space.

LED light therapy has several names. The most commonly used are: High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT), Photobiomodulation (PBM), High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) and Phototherapy.

Science has now shown that LED light therapy stimulates cell division and production of new cells and repairs tissues.

A huge amount of studies have shown that laser treatments in humans and animals have amazing results and have proven that pain, infections and/or wounds disappear and/or heal in a faster and more efficient way compared to the more traditional approach through the use of medicines.

Reliable studies on High Power Laser Therapy

A huge amount of substantiated research has been conducted worldwide over the years. A widely used reliable source for medical examinations is Pubmed.  This database contains 30 million biomedical references from 80 countries. Pubmed is updated and maintained daily by U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), the world‘s largest medical library.

Below you will find a number of references to studies on the effect of High Power Laser Therapy.

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