What is High Power Laser Therapy

High Power Laser Therapy is a relatively new treatment, but due to the results it has proven to achieve via its drug free and non-intrusive treatment method, is rapidly becoming part of a health professionals standard treatment offer.


HPLT stimulates the ability for the body to repair itself. Laser light activates the body’s cells to create increased energy levels, which in turn reduces pain and speeds up the recovery process. There are a broad range of sickness and medical issues that can be improved or solved with this form of treatment (see research – link). For example, arthrosis, gum infection and Cat flu. But also with acute accidents and wounds, bone fractures and breaks HPLT can be applied in combination with other treatment to stimulate and speed up the recovery process.

Through continuous progression in the developments of technology, it has become common practice to apply High Laser equipment to both humans and animals with amazing recovery results. Laser therapy is painless has no side effects and relatively cheap when compared to other forms of treatment.

Originally HPLT was designed and introduced for surgery due to its ability to cut through tissue with precision. However further developments converted the laser from its primary cutting function to powerful bio-stimulation thus becoming the High Power Laser. Depending on the wattage of the laser apparatus, it is possible for the laser to treat pain points and injuries deep in the tissue. Effective treatment requires that the laser penetrates tissue that is at least 7cm deep. The depth of the treatment results in the ability to treat pain and injury faster and with more effect. Performance records show that 99% of all treatments provide a direct result after each High Level laser session.

The High Power Laser from HPLT is the only laser that comes with an additional product feature that converts the laser for minor surgery and dentistry treatments. The unique power of the laser results in no bleeding and the unique cutting technique provides a precise and neat wound. The color blend of the laser light created by the 810 nanometer results not only in wounds healing quicker but also more naturally thus scaring is minimal. There is evidence based research to support this – see here.

How does it work

When an 810 nanometer laser light with a certain energy and wave length is applied to tissue, a process called photobiostimulation is instigated. So what actually happens during this important process? In the cells of the body are small molecules called chromoforen. These small molecules absorb the laser light particles (fotonen) and convert this to the production of local energy at cell level. In healthy tissue this extra energy would be redundant but in damaged tissue the extra energy is used to bring the cell functioning back to a norm, slow down damaging infection, reduce pain and stimulate recovery. All this can be achieved without the need for medication, laser light kick starts the patients own recovery process in a healthy and natural manner.

Laser therapy improves the blood flow in the area that is being treated, as well as boosting the supply of oxygen and nutrients and drainage of waste. It stimulates the lymph system which results in edema and fluid accumulation being reduced. Laser therapy strengthens the immune system and boosts the production of endorphins (natural pain killers created by the body). Even with chronic pain or injury where other treatments have limited effect, laser therapy has proven to provide some great results. Quite often laser therapy is also recommended in conjunction with other treatments where the effect of the treatment mix complement and speed up recovery.