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    What does the demo entail?

    During the demo we will explain to you what the effect of laser therapy is and for which treatments the High Power Laser is suitable. Of course this differs per healthcare professional, but whether you are a physiotherapist, dentist, dental hygienist, veterinarian, animal physiotherapist, skin therapist or beautician, we have a tailor-made demo for you.

    We are happy to visit you without any obligation and free of charge, but of course it is also possible at our office.

    So that the demo is 1 on 1, we can also answer all your questions. We can also calculate for you when you have earned back the laser.

    After the theoretical part of the demo, it is possible to treat a number of your patients with you. We do not need to know the complaints in advance, we like to be surprised! You indicate what the complaint is and how you will treat the patient, because as a healthcare professional you naturally have all the knowledge of this. We can then tell you how you can apply laser therapy to the treatment in question.

    You will find that patients are happy with the painless and non-invasive treatment, let alone the fantastic results it produces.