HPLT in Oral Hygiene

For some time now, dental hygienists have been using advanced laser technology.  Working with the laser equipment is a positive addition to treatments on offer for both the patient and the dental hygienist.

Laser is a precise, concentrated bundle of light. With the help of the laser you can perform all kinds of treatments in a very focussed and precise manner. When using the laser it is possible to immediately disinfect both the unhealthy tissue and infected or unhealthy oral mucosa. The laser light stimulates cell growth in such a way that the healing process is accelerated while limiting symptons. The laser power required to deliver treatment in dentistry is relatiely low.

After removal of tartar, the use of the laser removes bacteria, evaporates the inflamed cell tissue and triggers restorative biostimulation of the cell tissue. Due to the bacterial effect of the laser, HPLT is ideal for antibiotic treatment in the event of oral bacterial infection. In the precence of implants, the implants are not affected by laser treatment and the structure of the implant remains the same. The bactericidal effect of the laser (radiation), creates a good basis for rapid healing of ulcers, herpes (cold sores) and oral lichem planus. Lasering in conjunction with a fluorine gel can be applied for the treatment of sensitive tooth necks with great results. 

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