Course Dentist & Dental Hygienist

Basis Course Laser Therapy for Dentists & Dental Hygienists

This 1/2-day course has been specially developed for physiotherapists who want to gain knowledge of Laser Therapy. 

Due to its structure from the ground up, the course is especially intended for people who do not work with the High Power Laser yet. After this Basic course you will have all the knowledge you need to perform basic treatments with the High Power Laser. The course consists of a theoretical and practical part.

The following topics are covered during the course:

  • What is the effect of a High Power Laser?
  • How Does Laser Therapy Work?
  • Laser therapy treatments:
    • Clean up inflamed tissue
    • Gums
    • Remove tartar
    • Root canal treatment
    • Periodontal disease

During the course you will receive a manual with a reference book of all the information that you will be offered during the course. The course is based on scientific and practical information.

Course costs per participant: € 95 excl. VAT and incl. lunch. If you purchase a laser, the course fee will be refunded.

Duration: half a day

The maximum group size is 4 participants, so that we can comply with the Covid-19 measures and guarantee personal attention.

If you are with 4 people, you can contact us so that we can plan a tailor-made date.

Location: Plantageweg 11h, 3833 AZ Leusden, the Netherlands