HPLT Academy

HPLT Academy is the knowledge institute for the healthcare professional

The source of knowledge for physiotherapists, dentists, dental hygienists, veterinarians, animal physiotherapists and beauticians.

HPLT sells High Power Lasers, but it doesn’t stop there. To be able to use a High Power Laser well, it is wise to follow the HPLT Laser Therapy training. The training courses are given by healthcare professionals from your sector. During this training we explain what laser therapy does, what the possibilities are with laser therapy and how different treatments can be applied in practice.

We schedule the training periodically in and as needed. If the training dates are known, you can find them on our website under the heading HPLT Academy. If you have registered for our newsletter, we will also inform you.

The frequencies of our newsletters are low and intended for news and not spam.

The location is determined depending on the training. The veterinary training usually takes place at a location that is suitable for this. The other training courses mainly take place at our HPLT Academy in Veenendaal.

The training courses are only intended for healthcare professionals.