15 Watt Enea Diode Laser 810 nm

Product quality: All our lasers are designed with an aluminium casing
providing your clients with 100% safeguard from radiation.
Our lasers have been awarded the medical CE approval.

15 Watts: Increased performance in the form of power and speed, this laser provides 15 watts per cm2. Above all benefits already mentioned, this laser is ideal for professionals that offer a high percentage of their treatment via surgery.

Treatment depth: >12cm

2 Wavelengths: Provides the broadest array of tissue stimulation and penetration (650nm, 810nm,).  This laser will not burn surface skin unlike 980nm and 1064nm lasers.

Expert Opinion and evidence: Designed and tested by medical specialists for medical specialists whether for human and/or animal treatment.

Operation modes:  Continuous wave or pulsed with a pulsing range of 1 to 30,000 Hz.

1 Hand Piece Lenses: The 15 Watt laser is delivered with a standard biostimulation hand piece lens of 1cm.
However this 1cm lens delivers a treatment versatility of 4cm.

Cutting Fibre: As an option a cutting fibre can be purchased to perform surgical treatments.

Laser options:  This laser offers the option to invest in a 7cm2 adjustable hand piece. The adjustable hand piece provides the ability to work within differing versatility ranges.

Homogeneous Beam Profile: Delivers the most consistent and safest application

Power supply:  The nature of this high powered laser demands a standard power connection.

User Options:  The laser has a tablet driven user interface with 2 usage options. Through the wireless foot pedal or touch screen.